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At DE Air Conditioning Services, we deliver unparalleled air conditioning installation and repair services to meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations. Our experienced technicians use the latest tools and technology to diagnose and repair any issue with precision and efficiency.

Regular maintenance is essential to the longevity and performance of your air conditioning system. Our air conditioning maintenance services are designed to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently, reducing the need for repairs and prolonging its lifespan.

We provide residential and commercial air conditioning services and will work with you to find the perfect solution for your needs and budget. Whether you need air conditioning installation in Wollongong, repair or maintenance, we guarantee that your space will be comfortable and cool all year round.

Contact us today to learn more about our air conditioning services, including installation, repair, and maintenance, and how we can bring comfort and convenience to your home or business.


Whether you need a new Air Conditioning installation or a replacement, you can trust that DE Air Conditioning will do a perfect job.


A system that is not properly maintained, can result in costly repairs, health issues, high power consumption and reduced life of your AC system.


DE Air Conditioning specialises in repairs to get your systems back up and running, with our reliable repairs when you need it – 24/7.


We prioritise your needs and guarantee the provision of the highest quality equipment, along with personalized, friendly, and dependable service.


At DE Air Conditioning, we strive to simplify the consultation process, making it hassle-free for our customers.

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Are you looking for a way to stay cool and comfortable in your home? Our air conditioning services provide the perfect solution. Our experienced team of technicians will install, repair, and maintain your air conditioning system to keep you comfortable all year long. We offer competitive prices, and our services are backed by a satisfaction guarantee. 

Take advantage of our expertise and quality services today, and get the perfect climate in your home. 

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